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Watch the pioneer Halloween   iGame take you to victory, game original title: watch pioneer Halloween iGame take you to victory (original title: watch pioneer Halloween iGame take you to victory when sunset, night falls)…… When the witch appeared, a crucible…… When the ghost reproduction, Ghoul resurrection…… That means…… Halloween is coming! From October 12th to November 2nd, and the pioneer ushered in the first Halloween night at the limited activity. In the next three weeks, we can explore the Hollywood game player haunted halloween themed streets, collecting items, and friends together to experience the first team to watch pioneer PVE Colosseum: strange in revenge! In this update content includes not only the map and PVE melee mode, all game supplies have been replaced with Jack-O-Lantern, with more than 100 pieces of new picture, painting, posture, facial expression, skin and so on in these shots and pumpkin etc..             the first PVE mode "strange rat revenge", and the other three game player together against the service Fran Fran crazy mad doctor rat, rat monster, head of death, mysterious witch and hordes of zombie machines. Game player can choose the alchemist in the model (Anna), Archer (Hanzou), Arsenal (Mccrea) and the veterans (76 soldiers) one, and his teammates Adler, defending the castle gate to resist the Brunn Fran crazy, in the siege. Through cooperation and personnel allocation, the use of tactics to fight off the doctor and mechanical zombies. In addition, watch the pioneer APAC Pan Pacific tournament No. 13 8 international tournament in Shanghai will also Hongqiao world performing arts center and the pioneer Corps official war, domestic and foreign well-known in the international area will invite fight in the tournament winning team will enter the 4 strong 15 battle. The watch is the vanguard of the world’s largest international competition, the total prize money reached 500 yuan. Jointly organized by seven domestic and foreign famous brands such as banana. Seven rainbow as the OW Asia Pacific Super Championship only designated hardware brand, for the race to provide a platform for the seven rainbow motherboard equipped with high-end machine. The game machine need after a long time test, seven Tomahawk Rainbow series motherboard solid and durable to obtain a large number of users of praise, cost-effective and rich functionality for many users in the choice of platform to solve the difficult choice of disease.         in addition, the iGame series of motherboards now has gone through two years, from iGameZ97 to iGameZ170, create the belief level motherboard but also improve the user experience, not in the group where users tailored. Entry level, game level, level overclocking. In addition, customized products are also very high concern by the majority of users! For the signing of the Snake team tailored iGameZ170 flame ares X-Snak)相关的主题文章:

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