Wei Jizhong people expect world cup football into a turning point to bear (video) xpphone

Wei Jizhong: people expect world cup football into a turning point to bear responsibility for 12 of the World Cup tournament will start reviewing and clash classic showdown football can bring us surprise freelance: International Volleyball Federation honorary president, OCA honorary life vice president Wei Jizhong China national soccer coach in Gao Hongbo continue to lead South Korea to break into the world cup again shock. It is natural for the Chinese to expect them. Because the team is really prepared. The Chinese Football Association has done the best logistical support for the crucial game. If the team is required, without rebuke. If not, consider the possible consequences and don’t push the team. Olympic delegation more than a dozen hours of flight did not use charter flights to South Korea 90 minutes flight is necessary? There are super luxury hotel treatment, indicating that I have the Football Association, the best conditions available to the team, if the results are not satisfactory, the football association has done anyway. Is this a normal state of mind? The Chinese people hope that the Chinese football began to turn over, this game can become a turning point. I am afraid that the Chinese Football Association also think so. Chinese football is not the responsibility of the Chinese Football Association to take up the first, do not make people disappointed again and again. Don’t push everything to the coaches and athletes. They’ll sum up the lessons. This may be the Chinese Football Association demanding. As with the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Football Association to be socially responsible, responsible to the people.相关的主题文章:

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