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Wei Planning Commission: thorough investigation of the birth certificate to promote birth certificate information reselling Sohu news September 24th, Beijing News "birth certificate" reports of interests chain survey. Beijing News (reporter Cao Xiaobo) recently, the Beijing News reported the sale of a birth certificate black network involves a number of provinces, some birth certificate for many children on the unknown source or origin of households. The incident caused concern, yesterday, the State Planning Commission, Department of maternal and child health services responded that the relevant person in charge, the thorough investigation of the matter and to promote the information management of medical certificate of birth. Hunan Provincial Planning Commission responded that the first time to Shaoyang City Health Bureau thorough investigation of the matter, the local Public Security Bureau on suspicion of altering and trading documents state organs crime suspect Liu Xin were criminal detention by procuratorial organs, has been formally arrested. According to the police, a Guangxi based intermediary has helped a lot of children from unknown sources to prove, involving Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Fujian and other places, the intermediary is the line of Liu Xin. Blank Liu Xin during the county government center on behalf of the class have been scrapped to steal "medical proof of birth" and Deming hospital waste seal, forged "medical proof of birth", profit by selling the network. In August 17th this year, the 41 year old Liu Xin surrendered to the police, and the next day jingfangxingju. In addition, the Beijing News reported in Hunan another sale of birth certificate case, Chenzhou city Rucheng County Deng Wenyou Dean Xiang hospitals because of reselling the birth certificate checked. National Health Planning Commission said it would closely track the case investigation and handling. The State Planning Commission, Department of maternal and child health services relevant responsible person responded, will strengthen supervision and other departments jointly accelerate the "medical proof of birth" information work, establish and improve departmental coordination and cooperation mechanism. In addition, the staff at all levels of management and the signing of the signing of the "birth certificate of life responsibility system", improve the supervision mechanism. Accelerate the birth of the medical certificate management information interoperability, improve the reporting rate of information, data quality control. At the same time, the establishment of multi sectoral cooperation mechanism, timely joint training and supervision, and the birth of the population registration and household registration management system information sharing interoperability.相关的主题文章:

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