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"Westward journey 3" Australia Australia will meet the Tencent released Han Geng airborne entertainment news on this side, the celestial change still touched millions of Chinese audience; the other side, I have been riding the Pacific monsoon ran to Australia zaixianbolan. 22, the Australian media Odyssey Media & by far; Culture release, directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok (micro-blog) (micro signal: karenmok01), Wu Jing starred in the movie "love Fantasy Westward Journey 3" Australia on the file, I played Han Geng airborne will meet the scene, so that the audience really surprised. "I flew to Australia on the film was" a moment in Beijing to participate in the "westward journey 3" premiere, this moment flew to Sydney to join the meeting. Han Geng as he played it, in a different time zone shuttle. Australia will meet the scene, Han Geng intimate interaction with fans, commentary fun filming, and respond to the question. Han Geng said: really afraid of the domestic audience compare his and Stephen Chow’s Joker, but since then the movie, they were ready. I believe the audience will see the film in a more fair way. At the same time, Han Geng also expressed to Australia: Australia’s favorite air and scenery are particularly good, I hope the film in Australia released, the audience here is not seen before, but I believe that they should be able to accept this new zhizunbao. It is understood that this is the first time in Australia and New Zealand became part of the domestic film roadshow, Han Geng will go to Melbourne next week and new zealand. It is worth mentioning that in the meeting will be voted Zixia site links was voted out of the "celestial" will launch a close interaction with Han Geng. Australia on the creative quality of self confident feeling useless "westward journey 3" in the country since the release, the voice of controversy has never stopped. Some people think that the "Westward Journey" is the 3 in the consumer audience’s feelings, also said that this work is under the IP hot phenomenon "in the occasion". But in that you come to me to the controversy over the "westward journey 3" rushed out of the tight encirclement, won the domestic box office champion. The audience’s eyes are always locked in the movie itself. The "Westward Journey" series after a lapse of 20 years the style remains the same, this is not the so-called "feelings" and "occasion" of the accidental phenomenon. Especially when released in Australia, most whites are not seen by the audience theater before, but still be moved, the Far East love story said: Amazing! There are even white couples crying, which is the quality of the film "magic". At the same time, the "Westward Journey" in the 3 Australian mainstream theaters, more Australian audience can experience this from Chinese blowing "magic" cyclone. Total producer Lv Jianmin said: as long as the "big shot", no matter what will be scolded. Under such pressure still Toupai the film, the creative team has a strong confidence in the film. From the "Westward Journey" in 3 domestic and overseas audience feedback situation, the confidence is extremely elegant and valuable. "Westward journey 3" west view of love story international grafting "westward journey 3" story)相关的主题文章:

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