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What is the Pu er tea? What kind of tea is good to drink? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "long" variety is a kind of means of production, is the long-term breeding of human labor. Variety, can refer to the type of product, can also refer to the type of botany. In the market, the meaning of "variety" is more easily confused. For example, we say "Fen Tieguanyin" is the variety of products, and the "red goddess" is the name of tea varieties. For customers, the general choice of customers is a variety of products, and more than the selection of senior customers is a variety of plants. From the perspective of the market, because of the characteristics of varieties of products are given by the process, raw material requirements is not high, obvious characteristics, general user easy to distinguish and easy popularization; provide many varieties of Botany characteristics by the variety itself given, but due to variety of limited resources, investment income is not high is not affected by the majority of businesses welcome — this does not include shoddy businesses. In the tea, "the classification of green, white, yellow, red, black tea is the product of the" classification, Fen, Luzhou "is also a product. "Anxi" "Fujian" "Yi Wu" "wind walled" these are areas of classification, can also be classified as a product. What other "masters" "thick brick" and "discus" and so on are all varieties of products classification. From the industrial and commercial point of view, this is not wrong, is to help customers choose products, but this method is easy to use, is a double-edged sword. From the perspective of Botanical Varieties, "variety" should have: 1, the same source. 2, similar in character and adaptability. 3, genetic structure stability. 4, a certain structure. 5, enough quantity. 6, be recognized by the government or variety association. Conditions of these aspects. With these conditions, the quality of the species will have a guarantee, it has a continuity. For PU erh tea, the choice of a particular variety of tea, for the stability of the characteristics of the product and enhance the value of the value of the product, the sale of such goods for businesses and customers are the best way. On the hill, tea trees and tea brewing and drinking and preservation of knowledge sharing, please add the South Beauty Beauty Tea Dong Ming? Personal micro number: dydy500 (long press copy) details. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? In the absence of Feng as an example concerned about the tea net public number: ishuocha read above. The original five is ripe, click on the lower right corner you can free [subscription] said tea net相关的主题文章:

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