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Domain-Names Business and corporate industries need a website to improve their reputation globally. Domain name is essential for creating a web site. It gives an address to website. The domain is just like a magical tool that convert numerical IP address into Human readable characters. For getting Domain name, we have to register it. Registration is the process by which a organization can secure a website name. After registration, you have to open web host account to get space on internet server. There are so many Domain name registration .panies in India that provide registration and web hosting services. If business men need to register a domain name they have to choice one specific name from the list of available names. They have to select the top level extension and then sub level extension. Available top level extensions are dot..,dot.org,dot.in,dot.edu and many more. The Domain we use for our website put high impact on clients and search engine results. So it is very important to select name very carefully. Business specific Domain name are important for higher ranked website. Some tips may help you in selecting suitable names. 1)Relevancy is essential: The web site name must reflect business purpose and services. For this you can add brand name or .pany name in the URL. Related keywords that describe your business or what you sold is essential for business promotion. 2) Dot.. for high traffic: Goggle takes dot.. as a default extension. If user do not type top level extension, google considers it as dot… For Cheap Domain Registration we can register in other top level extensions such as dot..,dot..,dot.biz and many more. For business website dot.biz is most suitable top level extension. 3) Don’t use f.ettable symbols: Including symbols in top level extension are invalid. It must be of two to three characters long. Nevel use special characters like hyphen in the web site because people face difficulty to remember them. 4) Never use bad words: There are some words that google does not like to search. For example hacking,cracking,gambling and many others. These words may affect security issues. Domain registration agencies support you to select suitable name. 5) Generic Top level domain:If you want to expand your business globally, the generic top level extension is the best option. These top level extension is suitable for high rank in global search engines. 6) Remember your renewal date: Be careful about your renewal date. If it expires it may reflect your business badly. Use multiple reminder tool so that you can renew it on time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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