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Will robots replace writing? China News Agency, Beijing, November – (reporter Liu Yuying) – from The Associated Press, Washington Post, Reuters, Facebook, China’s Tencent Dreamwritter, robot writing has become a hot topic. In fact, artificial intelligence is reshaping the entire media industry, a profound media revolution is coming. Director of the research center of Peng Lan 14 in the 2016 Tencent.com Media Forum, Tsinghua University professor proposes to determine new media journalism and communication studies, the emergence of artificial intelligence, the media into the Chilean media era, its character is: all media, human unity, self evolution. At present, the world’s media ecology are in great change, the emergence of the Internet and other related technologies make traditional media impact. The United States Pugh Media Research Center Research Director Amy? Mitchell (Amy Mitchell) at the forum, the survey found that online, social networking, mobile platform is the main channel for people to obtain the digital news, 56% of Americans prefer the mobile terminal instead of computer. Along with this, "there is no sign of a financial challenge to the traditional media". Peng Lan said that the human led media began to be broken, the integration of various intelligent objects and new technologies to promote new changes in the media industry chain. She believes that artificial intelligence will make the media ecosystem in the news production system, news distribution platform, user platform, information terminal four dimensions change, each dimension of change means that the machine into. For example, in the news distribution platform, some platforms began to provide a model based on intelligent algorithms for different users to show what they are interested in content, such as today’s headlines, daily express. These new news distribution platform is not controlled by traditional media. Robot writing is the change caused by artificial intelligence in news production system. Tencent group senior executive vice president Liu Shengyi said, the Tencent in artificial intelligence and media integration has already begun the layout, the robot writers launched last year to enter the media field, intelligent content production. At present, the rapid growth of robot writing production. According to China’s new media trends report 2016 data, the three quarter of this year, Tencent financial robot writing reached 40 thousand. Yang Qiang Dean of Computer Department of Hong Kong University Science & Technology and director of the big data research institute said at the meeting, artificial intelligence (AI) to enter the media field, there are five major directions for future practice, including the AI+ newsroom, AI+ source, AI+, AI+ video capture information intelligent distribution, AI+ information service. Artificial intelligence can help achieve automatic writing + automatic summary, and the depth of artificial intelligence learning technology, you can make the machine more intelligent, like humans to read and think, Yang Qiang said. So, will robots replace writing? Scientists, "artificial intelligence era" author Jerry? Kaplan (Jerry Kaplan) said at the forum, the merits of artificial intelligence not only because they are intelligent, but also because of their liberation of human hands, let people become more rich)相关的主题文章:

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