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Wind waves stays inventory LPL those "cornerstone of the construction team" LPL League was founded, through changing the dynasty, also witnessed the history of many marine construction team. While many in the team there will always be a big brother like, from the beginning of the establishment of the team, the players have seen the arrival and departure, and he always seemed to be there, like a team of the vertebral column, from the bottom to the brilliant, from the sentimental to mature. EDG: from "Nuodao" to "old father" for EDG, Clearlove is undoubtedly the most important generals, from the beginning of 2014 with curly joined EDG, he joined in, helped the team win the 2014 LPL championship, spring summer 2014, spring 2015 champion champion, champion, 2015MSI and the German Cup four consecutive championships, in the summer season, made more League 16 games unbeaten record. The members of the interview, the promise is no doubt that the ranks of the big brother, not only from the age or experience, let the other players have to admire, even in the LPL and other team members to interview, asked about the most admired opponent, a lot of players directly admitted that the most admired is certainly director. The promise of even more to pigs next door to LCK, especially LCK this year summer champion tiger team. Promise whether in the game or in life, reflects a "big brother" style, please the players eat expensive meals, the game for players to block the opponent out strokes, it’s hard to think of WE was still the youngest brother to take care of his brother, when young he has been called the "Nuodao" business environment changes, the promise is no longer the original "Nuodao", from "Nuodao" to "old father" is not only the growth of the age, is the mood of the mature, know how to take care of the younger players, know more as a the veteran team needs to step up in danger, Clearlove is worthy of the title EDG cornerstone of the construction team, we also hope that EDG can promise under the leadership of the final S6 and has better performance.   LGD: was ordered in distress between September 22, 2012 Pyl officially replaced the single ZW joined LGD, has not left, transfer. Once the LGD as a division of the Dota2 club, its LOL division is far from the next door dota2 segment reputation, this is the end of the mediocrity of the opportunity to join Pyl. Pyl’s original partner is Styz, then Styz and EZ with a policewoman hammer stone Pyl, on the edge of the non rival ban required in 2014, but after the replacement of the good times don’t last long, teammates, although all the way through, but in the end, in the summer 2014 season S4 qualifier Hanfu OMG. And in 2015, imp came to LPL, came to LGD, chose Pyl as their future partner. Two people composed of LPL top down the road quickly. The 2015 Summer Race in the first week, Pyl had his first surgery because the chin and the LGD League, after losing the backbone, change)相关的主题文章:

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