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Wood purchasing station fire ignition is above 10 thousand volts high voltage line – Sohu news wood fire, fire point is above 10 thousand volts high voltage line of the Henan Business Daily reporter Zhang Yu Henan Daily reporter Ji Zhonggui photo June 29th afternoon, near Zhengzhou South Sanhuan a timber acquisition station fire, dozens of tons of wood on fire. Just above the ignition point, carrying 10 thousand volt high-voltage wire. The event timber fire station fire, more than two hours extinguished in June 29th at 4 p.m., Zhengzhou citizens Wang through the South Third Ring Road and through the intersection of Third Avenue Avenue, see the road south billowing smoke. "It’s a timber purchasing station. It’s on fire. It’s burning."." Around 4:10 in the afternoon, 10 fire engines arrived at the scene and began to rescue. "Burned area is large, and all dry wood, fire fighting is very difficult."." The scene, a fire officers and soldiers introduced, they put out the fire, but also spread out the coke again, in order to completely extinguish the fire. After more than two hours of fighting, the fire was finally extinguished. The fire brigade of the economic and Technological Development Zone, the captain of the fire brigade, the fire area is large, the loss of dozens of tons of wood, but no casualties. "Dry weather, the open-air piled wood is very easy to burn."." He said. Just above the ignition point is just above the high adventure, line 10 thousand volt ignition point is 5 meters, carrying 10 thousand volt high-voltage wire. Although it was baked, the high tension line was not damaged. Even so, the security risks are also great." Yesterday morning, a staff member of Zhengzhou Power Supply Bureau said. View found that hundreds of square meters below the high voltage line, piled a lot of old timber, the nearest pile point and the distance between the high voltage tower less than 1 meters. High voltage line tower conspicuous position, there is "dangerous area is not allowed to stack flammable goods" warning sign. According to the regulations, the safe distance of 10 thousand volts high voltage line is 3 meters vertical distance and 1.5 meters horizontal distance. Nearby residents introduced, these old timber acquisition point is mostly outsiders in this operation, "they rented land as a purchase point, from all over the purchase of wood, processing after sell."." Power Supply Bureau staff said, they have sent staff to the scene investigation. "If there are any security risks, they will be cleared up within a deadline." (clues: Mr. Wang, the remuneration of 50 yuan, report the phone: 0371-86088666)

木材收购站失火 着火点上方是10千伏的高压线-搜狐新闻 木材失火,着火点上方是10千伏的高压线   河南商报记者 张郁 摄   河南商报记者 姬中贵   6月29日下午,郑州南三环附近一处木材收购站失火,数十吨木材付之一炬。着火点正上方,是承载10千伏高压的电线。   事件   木材收购站失火,两个多小时扑灭   6月29日下午4点,郑州市民王先生经过南三环与经开第三大街交叉口附近时,看到路南冒出滚滚浓烟。   “是一个木材收购站着火了,火势很大。”下午4点10分左右,10辆消防车陆续赶到现场,开始施救。   “过火面积比较大,且全是干燥木材,扑救难度挺大的。”现场,一名消防官兵介绍,他们把明火扑灭后,还要把焦炭摊开再次喷水,才能彻底灭火。经过两个多小时的扑救,大火最终被扑灭。   经济技术开发区消防大队邢队长介绍,这次过火面积较大,损失木材数十吨,但无人员伤亡。“天气干燥,露天堆放的木材极容易燃烧。”他说。   惊险   着火点正上方,是10千伏的高压线   着火点正上方5米,是承载10千伏高压的电线。虽然经过烘烤,但经检测高压线并未受到损伤。“即使如此,安全隐患也很大。”昨天上午,郑州市供电局一名工作人员说。   查看发现,高压线下方数百平方米的范围内,堆放着大量旧木材,最近的堆放点与高压线塔之间距离不足1米。   高压线塔上显眼位置,有“危险区域内不准堆放易燃物品”的警示标志。按照规定,10千伏高压线的安全距离是垂直距离3米、水平距离1.5米。   附近居民介绍,这些旧木材收购点多是外地人在此经营,“他们租用地皮作为收购点,从各处收购木材,加工后转手卖出。”   供电局工作人员称,他们已派工作人员到现场勘查。“如果确有安全隐患,会限期让他们清理。”(线索提供:王先生,稿酬50元,报料电话:0371-86088666)相关的主题文章:

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