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Wuxi old lottery show Yugong spirit keep No. five years won the million prize – Sohu with quick opening games popular, seven lottery lottery play gradually by new generation of cold. But there is a lottery in Wuxi Minfeng, always adhere to the seven lottery note number 1, for 5 years, finally in 2016306th won 5 note first prize, bonus 11760 yuan. The lucky lottery surnamed Mao, 37 years old this year, is a native of Wuxi, gambling for more than 10 years. As an old lottery, Mr. Mao to play traditional lottery Shuangseqiu and seven lottery is insisted period will buy, each spend 10 yuan to buy 5 note lottery number seven, "so many are accustomed to the day, do not buy feel less what." At first, he also learned some betting skills from the Internet and analyzed the trend of the lottery to choose numbers. But he found that most of the lottery friends who took the lottery took random or feeling with handwritten numbers, seemed to have no rules at all. So he began to keep watch from 2011, but the fate of the people, for several years did not arrive in the grand prize, the family advised him to give up the guard number. Mao agreed on his lips, but still secretly bought the double chromosphere, with seven music note that the number of years. Freeman on 32020263 lottery betting station sales staff said, "Mr. Mao is not a contemporary man, he is not willing to award." Fortunately, Mao Shou’s number "2, 6, 7, 12, 14" and the 2016306th stage lottery number is exactly the same, 5 times the bet won 11760 yuan. To receive the prize, Mr. Mao said it would change 1 note number seven Le Caishou number, and a portion of bonuses as a lottery fund in the future.

无锡老彩民展现愚公精神 守号五年终获万元大奖-搜狐  随着快开游戏的盛行,七乐彩玩法渐渐受到新生代彩民的冷落。但在无锡民丰里有位彩民,始终坚守七乐彩,1注号码买了5年,终于在第2016306期斩获5注一等奖,奖金11760元。   这位幸运彩民姓毛,今年37岁,是位地道的无锡人,买彩已有十多年了。作为一位老彩民,毛先生对福彩的传统玩法双色球和七乐彩非常坚持,期期必买,每期花10元买5注七乐彩号码,“这么多年都习惯了,哪天不买就觉得少了点什么。”起初他还从网上学习一些投注技巧,分析开奖走势来选择号码。但他发现,身边中奖的彩友大多采取随机或者凭感觉随手写号码,似乎毫无规律可言。于是他从2011年起开始守号,可偏偏天意弄人,连续几年都没中到大奖,家人都劝他放弃守号。   毛先生嘴上答应着,但仍偷偷在买完双色球后,带上七乐彩的那注守了几年的号码。民丰路上的32020263福彩投注站销售员都说,“毛先生是当代愚公,不中个大奖他是不会甘心的。”幸运的是,毛先生守的号码“2、6、7、12、 14”与第2016306期的开奖号码完全一致,5倍投注摘得11760元。   领取奖金后,毛先生表示将换1注号码进行七乐彩守号,并拿出一部分奖金作为今后的购彩基金。相关的主题文章:

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