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The legendary actress Xia Meng died Andy Lau: she changed my fate a legendary actress Xia Meng died 28 days last month, at the age of 83, regrettable. Xia Meng has been described as a generation of beauty, its elegant temperament makes her into the entertainment business has great fame. Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 4th news, according to Hongkong media reports, "the the Great Wall Princess" said the legendary actress Xia Meng, on 28 July morning in Sha Tin Prince Welles hospital died at the age of 83. Xia Meng had served as president of the Federation of Southern China film workers yesterday, the agency and agency through the Yindu family confirmed his message, "Ms Xia Meng’s obituary with death, it is a big lack of Hongkong film history". Photograph by Xia Meng investment "boat people" director Xu Anhua and actor Andy Lau in tribute to the generation of stars, said Andy Lau described Xia Meng elder sister is in his life can not forget. "The Great Wall Princess" said Xia Meng last month to 28 am in Sha Tin Prince Welles hospital died at the age of 83. Xia Meng Yang Meng, the name was inspired by "A Midsummer Night’s dream", and because of the summer to join the Great Wall movies can come true, then change the name of Xia Meng. She was born in Shanghai in February 16, 1933, native of Jiangsu, because both parents loved opera, childhood nurtured by the family favorite art. In 1947, Xia Meng moved to Hongkong with his family, attended Malino female academy, write a good hand and good. From 17 years of performances of 41 classic in 1950, she signed the the Great Wall film production company, started life brilliant stardom, and Shi Hui Sisi Chen, collectively known as the "the Great Wall three Princess", she was called "the big the Great Wall princess". In 50s, Xia Meng starred in the movie "," widowed "was unequaled in beauty" were awarded by the Ministry of Culture issued Chinese outstanding film and personal honor award first prize; the other "lost pearl", "three", "descendants of royal families watch Royal sister Liu Jin Ding", "tiger", "sunrise" bride, is the representative of. For 17 years, captured a total of 41 classical works. Xia Meng temperament elegant, both talent, is a rare all rounder actor in 50s. The company founded a film producer of "boat people" came after many years, Xia Meng founded the bluebird movie company in 1978, and personally supervised "boat people" and "two" were Youth passes as a fleeting wave., won the second session and the 4 session of the Hongkong Film Awards for best film and best director in the film play again for her talent. "Boat people" play is Xia Meng invited Jin Yong to change, then the film directed by Xu Anhua, George Lam played the leading role, there is still a new actor of Andy Lau for the second. The film was released in 1982, has aroused strong repercussions, and won the best film, the second Hongkong Film Awards director, screenwriter, art director and 5 honors, more well received in a number of international film festival. In 2003 Xia Meng was invited to Hongkong Avenue fingerprints; 2005 named "one of the Chinese film actor best 100 hundred years"; in 2015, the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Chinese film was awarded the lifetime achievement award, in recognition of her life to the movie art pursuit and achievement. In the same year as the anniversary of the summer.相关的主题文章:

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