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Yang Jinzhi: gold full swing the weakness of crude oil inventory is not an eventful year mid autumn wind routine, just got up in the morning of typhoon Meranti landing message on the overwhelming, to a mess, at noon break up and saw 5.4 earthquake Ejiala melon, as for the current situation is not very clear. However, gold and silver led hedging products, the market is not too much ups and downs. The crude joke by accident last night EIA, managed to recover and then taking up or turn down, like a long time again recorded a line, I said that I can only smile face routine too deep. For now it seems gold in the Fed rate hike spells even can be identified, September hike is hopeless, but the market is so bland it seems to have fed up with their own interest personally poured into the bull market will re fire gold. And the next week is the Fed’s interest rate meeting, and the market generally expects the result to remain the same as before, and the author’s point is that it can be very straightforward to tell you that it is impossible to raise interest rates in September. The unknown risk may lead to earlier first off Europe is negligible, followed by a series of recent weak data show that the United States is not strong enough to immediately enter the pace of rate hikes, payrolls data (like at the beginning of the month less than expected 180 thousand, add 151 thousand people, the unemployment rate was 4.9%, ISM August service index lower than expected rate of expansion, inflation in the U.S. the rate is only about 1%, the consumer confidence index 89.80, the expected value of 90.80 that the American consumer confidence, consumer spending or decrease, etc.) in the world now are in a negative interest rate situation, the last is the United States will usher in the presidential election, and Hilary as a candidate recently in health as for how the incident behind the situation still can make nothing of it. All these results clearly show a trend in the current national conditions, and believe that the Fed has not reached the risk of blindly raising interest rates. Of course, these are only personal point of view, can only say that different people have different views. For the future of gold, I still insist on bullish, and the gold ETF position growth is likely to become the main driving force to promote the price of gold. But that’s not what we need to think about now. All we have to do now is to grasp the current opportunity and get a clear understanding of what’s happening. From the technical point of view: gold gold rebounded after dropping on Wednesday, the daily chart five Yin cut out a candle correction, which is consistent with the expectations of the plate last night, the first in Europe, fell slightly, halt the troops and wait the continuation of anti bounce disc plate, and the volatility of the stock market in the interest rate before the meeting will last for a period of time. Now the daily chart small Shenyang rebound correction, just near the 5 line pressure, driven by the short-term moving average system Guaitou stage, but the next two days also can not break out now weekly rail support 1308 position, but this possibility not to think, so today’s market can buy low sell high ideas around Yang Jinzhi, the specific idea will be given in a timely manner in the session. Gold operating strategy rebounded near 1324 short.

杨瑾芝:黄金整荡疲软不堪 原油库存套路成风   中秋并不是多事之秋,早上刚起床台风莫兰蒂登陆的消息就铺天盖地,所到之地一片狼藉,中午休息起来又看见厄加拉瓜发生5.4级地震,至于情况目前还不是很清楚。但是以黄金白银为首的避险产品,行情方面目前并没有太大起伏。而原油方面受昨晚EIA的意外玩笑,好不容易收复跌幅上扬却又随即回吐转下行,多头空喜一场再度录得一根中阴线,笔者表示套路太深我只能掩面苦笑。   就目前而言看来黄金深陷美联储加息的魔咒中,哪怕已经可以认定9月加息无望了,但行情还是那么的不愠不火看来非得美联储亲自浇息自身带起的火黄金才会重新走进牛市。而下周就是美联储的议息会议了,市场也普遍预计结果还是跟之前一样维持利率不变,至于笔者的观点就是可以很直接肯定告诉你们9月加息根本不可能。   首先早前脱欧可能引发的未知风险难道可以忽视,其次最近一系列数据的疲软表明美国还没有强势到马上就能进入加息的步伐,(像月初的非农数据不及预期18万,新增15.1万人,失业率为4.9%,ISM八月服务指数低于预期扩张速度,美国通胀率目前才约为1%,消费者信心指数终值89.80,预期值90.80证明美国消费者信心不足,消费支出或有所减少等等),在着全球现在还都处于一个负利率的情况,最后也就是美国将迎来的总统大选,而作为候选者之一的希拉里最近深陷“健康门”事件至于后面的情况如何现在还不得而知。以上这么多结果都清楚表明现在国情的一个趋势,相信美联储没有到达为盲目加息而不顾一切。当然这些也只是个人观点,只能说仁者见仁智者见智。   对于后市的黄金笔者还是坚持看涨的,而黄金ETF持仓的大幅增长则有可能成为推动金价走高的主要驱动力。但是那些都不是现在需要考虑的,现在要做的只需要把握当前的机会就可以了,清楚的了解目前所做的情况。   黄金从技术面来看:周三黄金下探回升,日线图五根阴线下调之后走出一根阳线修正,这也符合笔者昨晚的预期,亚盘先按兵不动、欧盘小幅下跌、美盘延续欧盘反再弹,而这样震荡的行情在议息会议前还会持续一段时间。现在日线图的小阳反弹修正,刚好靠近了5日线的压力,短线带动均线系统拐头阶段,而今明两个交易日也破不了现在离周图中轨的支撑1308位置,而这种可能性不用去想,因此今天的行情可以围绕高抛低吸的思路,具体的操作思路杨瑾芝也会在盘中及时给出。   黄金操作策略上方反弹到1324附近做空,止损4个点,目标看1316-1313一线,若上破1326回踩1324平空反手做多,目标看1332.要是下方到1312附近考虑做多,目标看1318-1320.带好止损   原油方面继上周的墨西哥湾飓风导致原油库存猛挫,隔夜的EIA原油库存又令人诧异地录得下滑;但本周汽油库存和精炼油库存都有较大增幅;美国国内原油产量迎来四周的首次上涨,数据公布后油价拉升。但市场被供给过剩的担忧情绪笼罩,油价继续下行,并一度刷新本周低点,可以表明,油价下行风险仍存。技术面来看目前k线指标仍处于下降通道趋势线内,上方受ma5日线压制,短线思路上仍旧是一个高空为主的思路,晚间的EIA影响持续发酵不容忽视,数据公布后油价反弹触及下降通道上轨承压下行,随后价格大幅走低,破位周一低点44.73多头防守位后价格放量下跌,最低给到43.74一线,短线确认见顶回落,趋势转为弱势,后市操作以高空为主,价格反弹至44.5-44.7一线开空,止损45,目标下看43.7-43。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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