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Yizhuang Metro will increase from the housing project – real estate — people.com.cn original title: Yizhuang Metro will increase from the housing project after a lapse of 120 days, the Beijing land market finally has a residential land. The emergence of this land, attracting a lot of people just need to buy the eyes of the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection official website yesterday released information display, located in Yizhuang, a two type of residential land market. This land will be built on the land from the housing, including the entire renovation, including not more than 23 thousand yuan per square meter. Since the new housing district, the city of primary land through the official Committee of the official micro-blog land Beijing announced the news, said the land is located in the South and south ring between the six rings, within the scope of Yizhuang metro. More detailed information display, this listing parcel is located in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone II-6 block X84R3 block. Four areas: Dongzhi X84R2 Experimental Primary School; South to 1000 Tang Jie (Thai River Street); West Road (Boxing road eleven) all over the world; north to X84B1 not to sell the state-owned construction land (West), X84C1 did not sell state-owned construction land (East). The use of land, so that has been working in Yizhuang for 7 years, Wang was very excited. "This child I cooked! It is very close to Yizhuang Jinmao Yue, the environment very well!" He said excitedly in the work group. Public information display, the parcel will be a "six in one" form for. Construction land, including 70 years of land transfer years of residence, the number of years of office and life of 40 years of business, a total of a total of 101 thousand and 300 square meters of construction control, listing the transfer price of RMB 1 billion 510 million yuan. Unit twenty-three thousand can realize the dream home according to the listing document, the transfer of land in residential use all construction scale for the construction of owner occupied housing, the largest dwelling area of 90 square meters, after the sales price includes full renovation costs 23 thousand yuan per square meter. The residential area shows no public information, the reporter can only according to the laws of the past projections, the district is expected to supply hundreds of sets of units from the housing to more than 1000. "Twenty-three thousand of the price is still within the budget, we can not afford to buy expensive." After Wang’s message sent to the group, immediately attracted a group of 30 years old young people’s sympathy. Previously, Yizhuang has been a pilot park, the supply of many public rental. From since the housing market, Yizhuang’s first Zhuzong projects from the housing, since housing land supply is also one of the launch in early 2013. At that time, the first since the housing project total price of 22 thousand yuan per square meter, while the housing prices in Yizhuang this year is very high, but new housing since only two years earlier than the expensive 1000 yuan per square metre. Reporters in accordance with the requirements of the largest single area of 90 square meters, the highest price of a single set of $2 million 70 thousand. This means that the first enough to pay up to 621 thousand yuan, just need to be able to be a family in Beijing. Whether the regional priority? Application conditions have not been clear in the opinion of Wang, the benefits from the housing project that includes the full renovation. The whole decoration is the ordinary people of the "smart decoration" kitchen and toilet are installed, the walls painted).相关的主题文章:

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