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Zhang Yixing Chen Douling proposed "big fight" singles day received a notice of single – Sohu entertainment transillumination love Zhang Yixing Chen Douling "combat" Zhang Yixing and Chen Douling marry stills "courtship major combat" love circular single Sohu entertainment news in Shanghai nervous shooting China version of "courtship big fight" the new road today, users are exposed, in the photo starring Zhang Yixing, Chen Douling walk in Shanghai the Bund scenery together, beautiful art breath. The day, the crew drying out of love "notice", warm heart lines and intimate friends laugh: won the Singles Day blessing the entire cast of all young artists! Zhang Yixing Chen Douling river walk, "according to Reuters propose major combat" beautiful picturesque "courtship big fight" shooting nearly 10 days, the location of Shanghai Jing the Bund, the radiographic exposure of users in the middle of the road, Zhang Yixing Chen Douling was walking along the Huangpu River, the picturesque aesthetic, artistic conception, temperament is really worthy of the name CP. Although only two people with Reuters, according to box still caused fans fans hot: "pure sweet sweet and picturesque, I imagine the feeling of little sheep and small ears successfully reminds me of the memories of youth!" "Seeing is believing, from Reuters to see, then, the Chinese version of the proposed good quality, Shanghai, the Bund is really suitable for idol drama, and look forward to!" The whole cast is a young artist! "Marry big fight" singles day hair love order coincides with the singles, "marry big fight" drying out "love circular single crew today:" happiness "where we can make nothing of it, perhaps unexpected luck with you. I wish to propose "major combat" crew single friends early off single, this single day, we’re here together to fight for happiness!" Warm heart lines collocation sweet wishes, so the fan order makes a lot of friends laugh: "the notice is so warm, the crew is not the same style Oh, the entire cast of all young artists!" In the audience after watching the crew of the notice, a lot of fans also ridicule the reality is still not off the list of two men and women Starring: I would like to know my family to see this notice what is the reaction? Ha ha ha, a single dog has been inspired by the angel uncle love, but he is my husband, do not have this section!" "Ha ha ha, we toot also bless objects, distressed men starring 1." "What do you want to know about the two single dog starring today? Propaganda director, and today for mad dog food, still trouble a dozen!"相关的主题文章:

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