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Zhejiang area ranked first in the city environment is the best, so the United States Sohu – tourism in Lishui City, located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, an area of 17 thousand and 300 square kilometers, accounting for 16 of land area in Zhejiang Province, is the province’s largest prefecture level city. Lishui is known as "China’s first ecological city", the forest coverage rate as high as 80.79%, more than 1000 meters above sea level peak of 3573. Painting Guyan township of the city of Lishui, is one of the scenic spots will go to Lishui. Guyan Township painting is actually two scenic spots, from the ancient weir and the village of two parts, two scenic spots across the Oujiang River opposite. Gu Yan, refers to Tongji, water project is built in a 1500, still in use. Along the canal is a quiet street, not many tourists, is leisurely relaxed. This old street of cobblestone, after years of baptism, the more heavy calm. The diversion channel is next to the dense camphor tree, and Tongji age, with a thousand years of history, lush foliage, it is rare. The ancient streets and not too commercial, live here are local people, doing small business, there is also a two Inn Hostel, living here is the greatest feeling good environment, surrounded by green mountains and rivers. The old house exudes the charm of simplicity, a particularly beautiful carved door. Go to Europe by Tongji, can not help but admire the wisdom of the ancients before 1500, attracted Ou river irrigation with acres of farmland, now still benefit. The Oujiang River is Zhejiang Province second river, the mother river of Southwest zhejiang. 800 in the Oujiang River eastward from Wenzhou to the sea of Lishui, this section is the most beautiful section in the Oujiang River water is clear bottoming out. Calm water, green hill is like black, year-round green, warm climate. The tour is best on a raft, a few bamboo tied together side by side, put on a few chairs and can accommodate up to seven or eight people. The bamboo boat, raft slowly towards the shore of the river, the castle is more beautiful. Castle Peak, blue sky, white clouds, accurately reflected in the water, such as a picture. Along the river path to the ferry terminal, the shore is a lush green bamboo, this is like a land of idyllic beauty is generally quiet and beautiful. The sky is blue, water is clear, the air is fresh and sweet, the sunshine is warm, it is difficult to imagine, in the industrial development of East China and all the day holiday weekend, to breathe the fresh air. A few stones neatly arranged in the water, became a small bridge, young girls will choose to go from here. From the ferry terminal, just ten minutes to reach the other side of the Dagang Town, there is a "village", in the Oujiang sailing quietly docked in the Oujiang River, spring is one of the most beautiful scenery of Oujiang river. Dagang head town is still lush tall trees, here called the village, natural and ultimately a variety of studio. According to statistics, the 500 meters of the street, gathered -相关的主题文章:

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